Beavertail 9-Foot Paddle




Kayak style paddle features a black, plastic-clad, super strong aluminum shaft that extends fully into the blade’s length for internal reinforcement and also has pre-installed drip rings.

This paddle features a unique take-down coupling that allows the blades to run parallel (in-line), or they can be feathered 90 degrees by simply depressing the spring-loaded button and turning the shaft 1/4 turn.  It's like having two kayak paddles for the price of one.


  • Blade Dimensions:  22″ L
  • Shaft Diameter:  1 1/8″ (take-down)
  • Approx Weight:  6 Lbs
  • Paddle Length:  9 Ft.
  • Pre-installed Drip Rings
  • Take Down Coupling
  • Plastic Coated Aluminum Shaft

Dimensions: 71 x 12 x 1 in.

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