Rave Sports Attack Zone 16' x 8' Hockey/Lacrosse Tarp

Rave Sports



The Attack Zone allows you to make the most of your practice time and elevate your game to the next level. Practice shooting accuracy and power with 18 oz 1000 denier commercial grade reinforced PVC vinyl construction, 7-12" diameter attack holes, sleeve pocket for wooden dowel to weigh down tarp (dowel not included), and 24 - 3/8" brass grommets to secure your tarp in place. Attach to a 7' or 8' garage frame, goal, or between trees. 16' x 8'

Practice your hockey or lacrosse skills during the off-season with the commercial grade Attack Zone Hockey/Lacrosse Practice Tarp. 

* 5 Off-Ice Shooting Drills to Improve Your Skills *

- P.U.C.K: Play with 1 other person or multiple people. Call your shot, make it and the other person has to duplicate the shot. If they miss, they get a letter.

- Quick release: Time yourself on how quick it takes you to shoot 25-100 pucks. Do it again but beat your initial time.

- Accuracy: Shoot 25 - 100 pucks at 1 scoring hole at a time, count the percentage you make. Do this for all 5 scoring holes. Try to improve your time and percentage next time through.

- Release & Accuracy: Combine the quick release drill with the accuracy drill and work to improve your time and percentage.

- One Timers: Find another person to pass to you and take one-timers, 25 -100.


 Hockey Lacrosse Tarp Owners Manual.pdf

Warning for California Residents


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