Shelter Logic 6 x 6 x 6 - Shed - Sku 70401

Vermilion Outdoor Supply


The ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box has a small footprint and big value when space is at a premium. Great for storing garden tools, mowers, snow blowers, snowmobiles, ATVs, pool items, or anything you need to store out of sight. Shed-in-a-Box is designed for use in every season and can protect your equipment from sunlight, rain, tree sap and more. Win back garage space with an affordable storage solution.

Width 6 ft.
Length 6 ft.
Height 6 ft.
Size 6 x 6 x 6 ft.
Total Storage Area 35.62 sq. ft.
Total Storage Volume 176 cu. ft.
Rib Tubing Diameter 1.34 in.
Assembled Exterior Dimensions Width 71.46 in.
Assembled Exterior Dimensions Depth 71.77 in.
Assembled Exterior Dimensions Height 72.31 in.
Assembled Interior Dimensions Width 68.78 in.
Assembled Interior Dimensions Depth 69.09 in.
Assembled Interior Dimensions Height 70.97 in.
Door Opening Width Top 57.5 in.
Door / Entrance Width Bottom 150 in.
Door / Entrance Height Outside 54 in.
Wall Height 49.45 in.
Peak Height 22.86 in.

Collections: Bow Accessories

Type: Unknown Type