Our Story


Lake Vermilion is a place we hold special in our hearts. The word, Vermilion, is known as the Lake of the Red Sunset. It’s one of the most pristine and cherished areas of northern Minnesota with over 40,000 acres of water, 1,200 feet of shoreline, and 365 islands, and is a gateway to the beloved Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness. In the 1960’s, National Geographic named Lake Vermilion as one of the most picturesque natural environments and that still holds true today. It’s from the shores of this majestic lake that the founder began to dream of delivering products to fellow outdoor enthusiasts to continue to build passion around the water and woods. Having started on the shores of Lake Vermilion to now spreading our passions across the USA to our fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Vermilion Outdoor Supply has been actively “Making the Outdoors Easier” since 2003. We are family owned and operated. MN born and raised, our family grew up enjoying the outdoors here in the city and spending countless days and years at our cabin in the north woods. We understand outdoor and lake shore products and bring that wealth of experience and passion to you. We research, evaluate and use all of the products we sell to ensure we can add the most value for our customers. Our passion and love for the outdoors has been ingrained in all we do. We want to share it with you. Early on in our company’s formation, our team was committed to the longevity of our pristine waters. Our company’s commitment is stated in the following motto: Think green and our lakes will stay blue.

We provide the highest quality lake shore and outdoor products, manufactured by the “Best-in-Class”. We strive to provide you with an outdoor and lake shore product buying experience that gives you what you need: convenience, value pricing, and knowledgeable service, so that you can spend more time doing what we all love most: enjoying the great outdoors.